Man gets $44,000 through Kickstarter to make potato salad

Zack Danger Brown wanted to make potato salad.

He didn't know what kind. He didn't know how to. And he hadn't made potato salad before.

But he knew the risks and challenges involved.

And he knew how much he would need to make his potato salad dream come true: US$10 (S$12.40).

So he turned to Kickstarter to fund his project.

Who knew the Internet loved potato salad so much?

He has hit his goal many times over. He's now at US$34,919. That's a heck lot of potato salad.

He even has stretch goals for his project.

Pay US$1 and he'll say your name out loud while making the salad.

Pay US$5 and you even get a bite of his salad. Taste not guaranteed.

Pay US$10 and you get to watch him make it. (He lives in Ohio.)

Pay US$35 and you even get a limited edition T-shirt.



Who's crazy enough to do that? Well, so far, 3,192 people have backed his project, with 58 people forking out at least US$50.

We're beginning to worry Mr Brown won't have enough space in his fridge to keep all that salad.

His backers come from all over the world, including UK, Sweden, Romania, France, Iceland, Norway and Germany.

The only problem? Pledgers will have to wait till December to get a taste of that potato salad.


(We're not sure if they have to travel to Ohio to taste it or whether Mr Brown will mail it over.)

But Mr Brown has been hard at work preparing for that special day. He's been learning to boil potatoes.

We wish Mr Brown the best of luck with his salad. Check out his campaign here.

Source: Kickstarter