This man has eaten a pizza every day - for the last 25 years

If you thought getting your children to eat their greens was bad, you obviously haven't met Dan Janssen.

Not only does he eat a pizza every single day for the past 25 years, his palate can only be satisfied with nothing more and nothing less than a cheese pizza.

"I don't eat pizza for every single meal but I eat pizza every day," he said nonchalantly.

Does this man not know the joy of toppings on a pizza?

This is his reaction when he looks at vegetables.

Clearly, with such a diet, poor health can be an issue. He has diabetes and low blood pressure.

The assorted problems even caused him to faint, including one incident when he blacked out on the drive home.

But he insisted his diet works just fine, thank you very much. 

"I don't really notice any negative health effects from this," said Janssen, who has a girlfriend (below).

Despite not sharing his huge affinity for cheese pizzas, she finds the habit "really endearing".

Source: Vice