Man proposes to girlfriend, 35,000ft in the air

Stuart Mackinnon wanted to propose to his girlfriend while on a flight from Dubai to Brisbane.

So the Scottish man enlisted the help of Emirates airline staff to make the moment extra special.

He lucked out - the Baradene College Concert Band happened to be on the same flight and agreed to provide live music.

And one plucky stewardess sang Louis Amstrong's What A Wonderful World to the couple to help set the mood.

The man got down on his knee and proposed... and she said yes.

It could have been awkward

The airline posted a video of the special occasion on YouTube on Aug 5.

We're glad Victoria Loudon didn't say no.

Because if she did, things would have got super awkward super fast. Stuck in a plane 35,000ft in the air, well, there's nowhere to hide.

And if the plane had been full-booked, the remainder of the flight would have been uncomfortable, to say the least.

But she said yes. So congratulations to the happy couple, we're so happy for you.

Source: Mail Online, Fox News, Emirates