Mark your calendars: Apple sends invites to an event on Sept 9

The anticipation for the latest Apple products just went skyhigh. 

Apple recently sent out a teaser e-mail with invites for an event on Sept 9.

There are no details about the purpose of the event except for one line: "Wish we could say more," reported Mashable.

Rumours abound

The lack of details does not stop the world from speculating though. 

Online reports said Apple will be announcing not one, not two but three new products.

The tech giants are expected to announce two new versions of the iPhone -  a 4.7 inch model and a larger 5.5 inch model.

We reported earlier in July that popular technology reviewer Marques Brownlee managed to get his hands on what he says is the screen of the new 4.7 inch iPhone.

Come Sept 9, we will find out if that screen did indeed come off the production line and whether or not it is nearly as indestructible as he demonstrated.


At their popular developers conference, three months ago, Apple introduced​ HealthKit, a software which allows you to track all of your fitness and health information and monitor your vitals.

Industry watchers translate this to mean that Apple is going to introduce a range of wearable health products, quite possibly an iWatch

While the world may forgive them for being coy now, come Sept 9, you can bet your bottom dollar that the world will demand them to be a bit more talkative

Source: Mashable, Apple, Daily Mail