MMA superhero being bombarded with marriage proposals

Earlier this week, he was hailed as a hero when a video of him beating up three guys who was trying to rob his co-worker last month circulated online. 

Now, he's being bombarded with marriage proposals from women who want to marry a real live superhero, reports TMZ.  

Mayura Dissanayake, a Sri Lankan MMA fighter who now lives in Texas, became an instant celebrity when video of him beating up would-be robbers outside the store where he works was featured on the news. 

Here's the CCTV footage:



TMZ reports that his social media accounts are being flooded with marriage proposals from female fans. 

"You can't blame the ladies ... he's easy on the eyes," said his MMA trainer Saul Soliz.

Dissanayake is a former MMA champion in Sri Lanka. Now working at a gas station in Texas, he still trains five times a week in the hopes of making it to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

“I want to make it to the UFC. That is my dream … the whole reason I moved to the States,” he told TMZ Sports. 

Well, he's certainly gotten the attention of the right people - UFC president Dana White told TMZ Sports: "I love it.

"Mixed Martial Arts is the new martial art that people are taking all over the world. Although I don’t recommend crime fighting … but dirtbags should beware.”


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