Move over selfie sticks - selfie drones are swooping in to take over!

Good news, selfie stick haters: That annoying rod could become a thing of the past.

But here's the bad news: Selfie drones are getting ready to replace them.

That's right. Inventors have found a way to shrink a copter drone so that it's small enough for you to bring around and snap a selfie.

Here's the promotional video for Chinese company Elecfreaks' ELF drone.



Tipped to fit in the back of your pocket, the ELF is controlled via a smartphone.

Among the tech features is a high-definition camera, carried by six rotors.

Elecfreaks is in the midst of raising funds for the nano drone on crowdfunding site Indiegogo and has already hit more than 50 per cent of its intended US$20,000 ($27,852) target.

It won't be the only one of its kind if it gets onto the selfie market though.

There's also the Zano.



The British company raised more than £2.3 million ($4.7m) on Kickstarter in January despite setting a £125,000 goal initially.

Finally, here's a selfie drone that fits right on your wrist like a watch - the Nixie.



Source: VentureBeat