Mum dresses kid like a fashion model

Want your kid to look good without having to burn a hole in your pocket?

Take a leaf out of Ms Collette Wixom's book.

The mother-of-two replicates the looks of high-end fashion models on her son with clothes from more affordable brands like H&M.

She wrote on "I thought it would be fun to “hack” the style of men in fashion and show other parents how they could do the same."

Just how does she get four-year-old Ryker to hold that pose? By using their imagination.

She wrote: "If you see him with his hands in his pockets, he is holstering his imaginary laser guns. If you see him leaning against a wall, he is trying to push it over with his body weight. If your child hates having their picture taken, give imaginative play a try!"


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