Music with sound of dying child's heartbeat to help parents' cope loss

There is little that's worse than losing a child. 

The Bennetts' 14-year-old son Dylan died in February in Ohio in the US. Before he died, music therapist Brian Schreck at the hospital where Dylan was in recorded his heartbeat with a stethoscope.  He then added it to Dylan's favourite music.

Now, Dylan's parents listen to it to help them through their grieving process.

In the video, Dylan's father Jeremy Bennett said: "Our son was dying in front of us and it was very tough. So just to hear that music, it really got my spirits up and i needed that."

"You have to go through the processes and all of the emotions that go along with it, and music is a good guide to help you through that, at least for me," he said. 

Shcreck has recorded heartbeats of about 20 critically ill children and created music with them. He's been doing it since the beginning of the year and have helped families find solace in their grief, the Cincinnati Business Courier reported. 


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