New app offers social community for mums-to-be

What if an app could replace the dozens of pregnancy books you're either buying or receiving from friends? 

Well, there's an app now that does just that, thanks to the same folks behind Glow, the popular fertility tracking app which has reportedly helped 20,000 women get pregnant. 

Called Glow Nurture, the app helps expecting mums track the changes happening during their pregnancy, and also helpfully nudges mums to take their vitamins, drink enough water and get some exercise. 

According to Fast Company, the app uses the conception date to populate the calendar with doctor's appointments. 

Mums-to-be can also log in things like their mood, level of discomfort, weight and exercise. 

They can also upload photos of their progress, and those images can be sent as a time-lapse to family and friends.

The app is now available on iOS, and will soon be available on Android. 

Source: Fast Company