No selfie sticks! Luxury travel company offers assistant to take Instagram pics for you

We've all had that problem.

You're on holiday at a beautiful destination but somehow you can't seem to take a nice enough photo for your Instagram or other social media platforms.

Want a picture with the E​iffel tower? You have to contort yourself in an awkward position or end up with a blurry photo after asking someone else to take it.

Well, luxury travel company Bruvion Travel is offering a solution: A selfie-less travel package where clients can have a social media assistant tagging along. 

These assistants would snap flattering photos where they catch you in the best angles and light.

These assistants will focus on "capturing and documenting every aspect of the travelers vacation, edit photos and share those memories over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram."

And if you need to correct a flaw or two, they are also adept in editing photos... phew.

The cost for a picture-perfect vacation? $500 per day including all travel expenses.

You decide if it's worth all the likes on Instagram.

Source: ABC News,