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Beerfest Asia 2014 returns with more new brews. But are the newbies worth the entry fee? We sample some of the new flavours

Beerfest Asia 2014 returns with more new brews. But are the newbies worth the entry fee? We sample some of the new flavours


Strongbow Apple Cider Red Berries (4.5% abv)

What catches our eyes is its striking red tone, but what tickles our tongues is its extremely sweet, fruity flavour, which actually tastes more of berries than apples. A very safe favourite for those who can't handle alcohol but like to pretend otherwise.

Desperados (5.9% abv)

The design of the bottle has a very Western feel, something you would associate with Clint Eastwood in a cowboy hat. Marketed as a tequila-flavoured beer, Desperados boasts strong hints of lime, blended into a sweet and refreshing drink. Suitable for a light party, this is a Jolly Shandy for adults.

Cheeky Rascal Vanilla Bean Apple (8% abv)

With its rich vanilla taste and sweet apple notes, this brew is one of the sweeter ciders that we tasted. The first few sips are highly enjoyable, although the sweetness gets rather cloying after a while. A word of caution, though ­­- Cheeky Rascal has the highest alcohol content of all the beers and ciders we have tried. This is a silent killer.


Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Standard (5.6% abv)

The Prairie Standard's old-fashioned dark glass bottle, coupled with a quirky hand-drawn label, gives it a very homely feel. The beer itself tastes crisp and well-balanced and is very easy to enjoy. Suitable for those who like their beers classic.

32 Via dei birrai Oppale (5.5% abv)

When one thinks of beer, Italy does not come to mind. But the Oppale is by no means inferior in any way. It is surprisingly easy to drink, with the right balance of sweet and bitter notes.

Savanna Dark (6% abv)

Savanna is known for its exceptional ciders, and the Savanna Dark is no exception. It has a sweeter, more intense flavour, with hint of dryness. Thanks to its slower brewing process, it has a deeper flavour and is much more enjoyable to drink.


Adnams Innovation Flavoursome Ale (6.7% abv)

The dry and fruity ale makes for a unique tasting experience, with its wonderful grapefruit aroma. It is mellow in taste, with a rather complex, slightly sweet and fruity flavour with a dry aftertaste.

Bristol Beer Factory Southville Hop (6.5% abv)

The wonderful fruity aroma, with hints of pomelo and citrus, hides the very strong hop flavours of the beer. The extremely dry, hop aftertaste differentiates the real drinkers from casual poseurs. This one is definitely an acquired taste.

Beerfest Asia 2014


Marina Promenade


June 12 to 15


Available from Sistic (6348-5555 or from $20 onwards.



There will be more than 400 types of beer from 30 countries, as well as live stage performances by tribute bands from all over the world. There will also be beer workshops, talks, auctions and even a comedy lounge for those looking to have a good laugh.