It's baby No. 2 for Blake Lively

US star couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now a family of four.

Lively is famously secretive about her private life, but People magazine confirmed via a source that baby No. 2 was born last Friday at a New York hospital.

The couple is keeping mum on the baby's sex.

The New York Post added that Lively's pal Taylor Swift was heading to a Manhattan hospital to pay the happy family a visit.

The couple have another child, a 22-month-old daughter named James.

A new Dynasty

Actress Joan Collins (above centre) is keen to work on the sequel to the cult ​1980s US series Dynasty. It is being worked on by network CW and she wants to reprise ​her iconic role of Alexis.

The drama revolved around ​the Carringtons, a wealthy family in Denver, Colorado, reported The Mirror.

​Gossip Girl producers ​Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage​ will oversee the revival of the show.

​ Insiders say that Collins is keen to work on the sequel and has spoken of her desire for a new generation to watch the show, reported the Hollywood Reporter.

The famous ​series about opulence, excess and sexual philandering was a monster TV show for eight years.

Rapper Gibbs acquitted of sexual abuse

​US rapper Freddie Gibbs was acquitted on Friday of sexually abusing a girl half his age in his hotel room after a concert in Vienna, Austria, last year.

The Vienna regional court gave Gibbs, 34, whose real name is Fredrick Tipton, the benefit of the doubt that he had not had sex with the girl, who was 17 at the time.

Gibbs took the alleged victim and a 16-year-old friend to his hotel after a concert in Vienna on July 5 last year.

Both girls had supposedly been drinking heavily backstage and their drinks were possibly spiked.

At the hotel, he was alleged to have had sex with the 17-year-old, who was too intoxicated to resist.

Gibbs was arrested in France in July and extradited to Austria.

Gibbs, who was released on bail in August, had denied the charges. The verdict can still be appealed.

Kate Moss & Jamie Hince settle divorce

English supermodel Kate Moss and musician Jamie Hince have quietly reached a settlement to finalise their divorce.

The couple separated more than a year ago, but they did not file for divorce formally until this year, reported the Mirror.

Sources believe the formal separation has happened as part of an out-of-court settlement.

A showbiz source told the Mirror: "They reached an agreement some time ago and neither of them wanted to make a spectacle of this.

"Instead, they agreed things between themselves and have quietly made the split formal without going through any sort of high profile legal battle."

It was reported that Moss, who was considerably wealthier than Hince when they met, will keep the majority share of their wealth.

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