Proud and excited dad films baby's surprise birth in a car

It was clear that this baby girl wanted to make a grand entrance into the world.

Mother Diamond Jones and her boyfriend Corey Lynn Griffith were in the car rushing to the hospital in Mississippi last week when Jones knew they weren't able to make it in time.

She said: "I think we just passed the airport exit and I felt the head come out and I had to push.":

Griffith added: "I thought it was a false alarm and I reached over and sure enough, it was. (Jones) said one more push and here she is."

The proud father added: "She sat her on her knee and I said 'Oh my goodness'."

His phone was in his hand after calling the nurse so he did what any proud parent would do - film his newborn daughter.

In the adorable video, Griffith excitedly spews out words of encouragement to both Jones and their daughter: "We're going to get you there. You just hold on."

He also repeatedly says: "You're alright."

Just minutes after her birth and it was clear that Griffith absolutely adores his baby as he says with pride: "She's already trying to nurse. Look at her. She's ready."

He told WLBT News: "They tell me I'll never love another person the way I love this girl and I know that truly."

Sources: WLBT, Mail Online