Really?! One Direction fans set up shrine at spot that Harry Styles threw up

Is this a case of idol worship getting out of hand?

One Direction member Harry Styles was reportedly feeling the effects of the night out after a party in Los Angeles.

Feeling squeamish, he stopped by the side of the road and vomited.

That sounds normal, right? Many of us may have been there, done that.

But what happened next was unexpected. Fans got wind of the incident and guess what they did?

They set up a shrine at the exact spot that Styles threw up.

In case you missed the spot, there's a huge poster that proclaims: "Harry Styles threw up here".

Ermmm, okay.

Whatever happen to just fantasising about marrying your favourite star while staring at a poster of his face on your bedroom wall?

Doesn't anyone do that anymore?

Sources: Metro, Twitter



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