Recycle your plastic bottles, feed the strays

A Turkish company has created a vending machine which dispenses food for stray dogs in exchange for used plastic bottles.

The company, Pugedon, recently introduced the vending machine in the Turkish capital of Istanbul to encourage recycling in Istanbul and help feed the population of stray dogs living in Istanbul.

According to the Big Think, there are 150,000 stray dogs roaming the streets of Istanbul and they represent a sticking point for the Turkish government and animal activists.

Enter the vending machine that is stray friendly.

While it is not known how many vending machines were introduced to the streets of Istanbul, the vending machine in a way pays for its own operational cost as the recycled bottles fund the purchase of dog food.

So its friendly to the environment, animals and at no extra cost to the local government. All good things in our book.


Source: The Big Think, New York Times.