Remote-control contraceptives are a thing

Hello, future. You somehow managed to sneak up on us again.

Just last month, we reported on android newscasters and computer chips that helped a paralysed man move his hand.

Now, there are chips women can have implanted in their bodies which will allow them to control their fertility wirelessly.

Yes, remote-controlled contraceptives are an actual thing. Life hack. Literally.

The 2cm by 2cm by 0.7cm microchip can be implanted in a outpatient procedure, reported Mashable. It releases the birth control drug levonorgestrel for up to 16 years.

Just flip the on/off switch on the wireless remote to control whether or not you will receive a 30 microgram dose of the drug.

The only problem? Anything that is wireless can be hacked - and you really won't want someone messing around with stuff inside your body.

Also, what if you lose the remote?

The chip is meant to bring contraception to women in developing countries who may not have access to existing contraceptives, reported Mashable.

BBC reported that the project has been backed by Bill Gates, and will be submitted for pre-clinical testing in the US next year.

Sources: BBC, Mashable