At this restaurant, you have no choice but to dine alone

At this Amsterdam restaurant, there's space at the table for only one.

That means patrons have to do what may be the unthinkable for some people.

They have to eat all by themselves.

Ever seen someone eating alone and thinking: "How sad", "What a lonely person", "Doesn't he have friends?"

That is the mindset creator Marina van Goor is trying to change. She believes having a meal by yourself should not be a social taboo.

News website Distractify reported her as saying: "We wanted to break the very recognisable taboo of eating out alone. I noticed that in society, there is actually no room for being alone in public spaces."

The name of the restaurant Eenmaal means "one time" and "one meal" in Dutch.

While the location of the restaurant changes, the set up remains the same - unused shop spaces with large front windows and little decoration, reported

If you were think of passing the time by surfing the net on your smartphone, think again.

Patrons are encouraged to read and refrain from using their devices. And yes, there's no Wi-Fi.

The social experiment has been so successful that later this year, the restaurant will make appearances in London, Berlin and New York. 

Would you eat at this place if it came to Singapore?

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