Sex twice a week + 5 kisses a day = Perfect relationship

Relationships are hard work.

Want a perfect relationship? Well, get ready to work really, really hard. 

According to 2,000 adults polled by the National Rail in the UK, the ingredients of a perfect relationship include sex twice a week, saying "I love you" before you go to sleep, having a romantic meal at least once a month, and kissing at least five times a day.

Oh, it also helps if both of you work full-time as well. 

Who has the time, you ask exasperatedly. 

We feel you. 

Here's a partial list of the indicators of a wonderful, long-lasting relationship (allegedly):

3 1/2-year age gap

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Romantic meal once a month

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Sharing the same hobbies

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Sharing household chores

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IMPORTANT: Being able to admit you're wrong after an argument

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Cooking a meal together

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Good luck!

Source: The Telegraph