Shark attacks special 360-degree camera

When you wave an expensive camera rig in front of a Great White shark, don't be surprised if it chews it up and spits it out. 

The custom-built camera rig​ by 360 Heroes was chewed off by the shark while diver Andy Casagrande IV was using it for the first time for a Shark Week project in New Zealand waters, reported People. 

The rig is made up of six GoPro cameras that capture a full 360-degree, all-round action. One GoPro camera can cost up to S$500. 

The fallen equipment is somewhere off the coast of New Zealand. A $5,000 reward has been offered for anyone who retrieves it. 

When not caught between predator teeth, however, the cameras record some unusual yet amazing footage. 

Here's a cyclist using the "Little Planet Mode" to take some surreal shots. Watch video here.

Hang out with a hang glider at the East Coast of Santa Barbara, California. 

Follow a scuba diver in the open sea of Belize, in Central America here

And  finally take a spin with German F1 racer Nico Rosberg in a new Mercedes on the Silverstone circuit

Sources: People, YouTube

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