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The global fast food chain has teamed up with US advertising agency Leo Burnett to present Night-In, a brand engagement platform that reflects how in a Covid-normal world, nights-in have become the new nights-out.

The Night-In campaign's first film has been created in collaboration with local director Roslee Yusof from Freeflow Productions, and mirrors and celebrates the newfound joys of staying home - dubbed "Cocoon Culture".

According to a regional study that featured almost 20,000 respondents from Singapore, 79 per cent indicated their preference to stay home and enjoy a quiet meal with the family over weekends.

Ms Drina Chee, senior director of marketing and digital customer experience at McDonald's Singapore, said: "We're all about connecting with our customers whenever and wherever they need us. Our strength in round-the-clock convenience - through our McDelivery, Drive-Thru, takeaway or late-night dine-in - makes us a natural fit with our superfans' night-time ritual.

"And with staying-in becoming a preferred way together, nothing beats the feel-good moments of one's McDonald's favourites alongside friends and family, in the comfort of home."


The local craft beer specialist, known for its delicious, refreshing brew made for drinking in the hot equatorial climate, is deepening its commitment to sustainability and paving the way to a greener future.

The first brewery in Singapore to offset its beer manufacturing operations' carbon impact via reforestation, it has partnered with Green Steps Group using trackable technology to replant the endangered forests in Borneo.

With this new programme, a tree will be planted for every beer keg sold. Each tree planted will be geo-tagged under Lion Brewery Co and the partnering F&B venue (the 'impact sponsor').

Lion lovers enjoying their beers at home can also sponsor trees and build their own carbon-capturing forests by adding just $4 to any order placed on the e-store's checkout page.

Lion Brewery Co beers are available on its e-commerce platform via distributors such as FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage, as well as in over 150 bars, restaurants, hotels and off-trade retail partners across Singapore.


Established by the Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association in 1953, the institution has nurtured more than 4,000 traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) professionals who play a significant role in managing and promoting the healthcare needs of Singapore as well as countries in the region.

Now open for enrolment are the advanced diploma and bachelor degree courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese), jointly conducted with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

These courses help interested parties embark on a path of becoming a qualified registered TCM practitioner.

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