FairPrice cleaning range helps your home get guest-ready this CNY

Get your house spick and span for Chinese New Year with FairPrice products

Spring cleaning is an essential part of every Chinese family's pre-Chinese New Year ritual, and that includes disposing of things you don't need anymore.

A quick tip to decide on what should go? Anything you have not used in over a year is probably not worth keeping.

Throwing out all the clutter makes it easier for you to start on the actual cleaning process.

The Chinese believe that having a clean home during the new year will bring you and your family great fortune.

It is said that one's house attracts energy and the cleaner one's abode is, the more positive energy it accumulates.

So if you're looking for a one-stop destination to get all your cleaning supplies with Chinese New Year drawing near, FairPrice is the best place to begin.

Spiffy OOTD-worthy Chinese New Year outfits always start with an effective wash.

Awarded the Green Label for environmentally improved detergents, the newly-launched FairPrice Laundry Liquid Detergent boasts a concentrated formula that works on all types of fabric and is suitable for indoor drying.

It kills bacteria, effectively cleans, removes stubborn stains and odours, and its lightly perfumed fragrance will freshen up your laundry.

It can be used for either top load machine wash or even hand wash, as its formula is gentle on hands.

It is available in Anti-bacterial, Colour Care and Flora Bottle (4.4L, $9.45, refill pack 1.8L).

As you will be getting your hands dirty with all that cleaning, FairPrice's two new PH-balanced hand soap ranges (paraben- and triclosan-free) will surely come in handy.

They contain allantoin and aloe vera to soothe and moisturise your skin, and come in new packaging suitable for the festive season.

The Anti-bacterial Liquid Hand Soap range (500ml, $3.05) comes in Lavender, Lily and Tropical, while the Gold Foaming Hand Soap range (250ml, $3.50) comes in Grapefruit and Honey, and Mango and Peach.

Keep your floor squeaky clean with FairPrice's Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant Floor Cleaner (Pine, 2L, $4.70), specially formulated with a non-sticky highly concentrated ability to disinfect and remove grease, dirt and stains effectively, while its fresh pine fragrance deodorises as it cleans.

The product is best suited for ceramic, terrazzo, marble, mosaic, vinyl tile and parquet floors.

Get your bathrooms guest-ready by stocking up on FairPrice's Pure Soft 2-ply Bathroom Tissues (10's x 200 sheets, $5.95).

Make sure that every room has tissues your visitors can rely on, with FairPrice's Soft Pack Facial Tissue Chinese New Year Pack (4's x 200 sheets, $3.75) and FairPrice's White Facial Tissue Chinese New Year Pack (5's x 200 sheets, $4.75).

All FairPrice paper products are soft to the skin, contain 100 per cent virgin wood pulp and are optical brightening agent-free.

Next, freshen up the air by removing dampness and reducing humidity in each room with the new and improved Water Jumbo Charcoal Dehumidifier (3's x 720ml, $5.95).

It is compact, extra absorbent - with water absorption up to 720ml - and good at removing musty odours and preventing mould.

Dealing with pesky creepy crawlies in your home?

Worry no more with FairPrice's Kill Fast All Insect Killer Spray - Water Base (600ml, $4.85), which does not contain CFCs and is good for general use.

It is also environmentally friendly and effective against flying and crawling insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Now that FairPrice has got your home's interior covered, get it sparkling clean from the outside too with FairPrice's Glass Cleaner Spray with Refill (2 x 500ml, $3.30), which will provide extra cleaning power for that festive shine.