Ikea adds extra fun to the bedroom with smart space-saving products

Ikea helps you do this by redefining small spaces in the bedroom

With the spotlight on the bedroom in its new catalogue, Ikea aims to make things "extra fun" in that personal space.

This focus was inspired by insights presented in the Swedish furniture retailer's 2017 Life At Home report, which said that household sizes in Singapore are continuing to shrink and the multi-generational living trend continues to grow.

This has resulted in 66 per cent of Singaporeans retreating to the bedroom - the only space where they find moments of individual presence.

Ikea aims to make a difference in the bedroom through its third collection launch of the year because "starting the day right will lead to a good day", said Mr Mike King, deputy managing director of Ikea South-east Asia.

He told The New Paper: "The primary objective is to inspire people to think about home furnishings and be able to look at their home and be proud of it."

Taking a leaf out of the Marie Kondo playbook, new products highlighted aim to build up the solutions and competence level of the bedroom through affordable quality multi-functional furniture that will organise and optimise small spaces.

Ms Leonie Hoskin, sales manager of Ikea South-east Asia, said: "With our different furnishings, we're able to challenge convention a little bit and create a fun element in how you can organise things... They are the first step in creating a better everyday life."

For instance, the PAX wardrobe system is described as a "beauty on the outside, brains on the inside". It allows you to maximise freedom of customisation, and you can choose the style and colour to make it completely your own.

Then there's the extremely versatile and flexible PLATSA storage system, which is designed to utilise awkward spaces. It can be built to have low or high units, be deep or shallow, on legs or on a platform.

Storage solutions don't just stop at wardrobe systems.

The NORDLI bed, new to the NORDLI collection, is a storage bed that contains six drawers that come with soft closing to avoid loud noises at night.

The headboard is also customisable and can be built to be as big or small as you want, in line with Ikea's campaign of going vertical and optimising all storage space possible.

Lastly, the lightweight TRANARO plastic stool is a small, simple product that makes a huge difference.

It is perfect for those who use their bedrooms as their living rooms as well. Whether you sit on it or put two together to create a little dining table, they create the perfect tool for entertaining in the bedroom.