Perfume on tresses can turn into hairy situation

Know the right way to deal with smelly hair

The oppressive heat in sunny Singapore is the main factor behind sweaty and smelly hair, but restaurants without proper ventilation can leave us smelling bad too.

Other sporadic instances include when we are just feeling too lazy to wash our hair.

No matter, you just want to get rid of the malodorous mop on your head, pronto.

But whatever you do, refrain from spraying your favourite perfume into your rank tresses.

Here are the reasons why:

Perfume and sweat do not mix

Most regular perfumes do not mix well with offensive odours, and you could very well end up with an even funkier-smelling head of hair.

The high alcohol content in perfumes are bad for your scalp

Most perfumes contain up to 90 per cent alcohol, and when it hits the scalp, it causes trouble. Perfumes make the scalp dry and can even lead to scalp flaking and dandruff.

It is bad for hair too

Perfumes leave strands dried out too. If you must have that scent on your hair, try spraying the perfume onto your hairbrush and let the alcohol evaporate for about 10 seconds before brushing your hair.

Try a hair perfume mist as these are made with lower alcohol content, although they do contain some alcohol to carry the scent.

Some even have ingredients that are beneficial for hair, such as glycerin and botanical extracts, which moisturise tresses.

Our top picks include Miss Dior Hair Mist ($70 for 30ml), Jo Malone Star Magnolia Hair Mist ($97 for 50ml), Chanel Chance Eau Vive Hair Mist ($59 for 35ml), Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume ($98 for 50ml) and Byredo Mojave Ghost Hair Perfume ($78 for 75ml).

But do not apply any perfume on hair that is wet with perspiration as this may cause it to smell worse.

Instead, blow-dry hair or wait for it to air dry, then part hair and spritz hair perfume at least 20cm from the scalp for the best product distribution.

About two to three spritzes should tide you through until your next hair wash.

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