Test the memory skills of the human catalogue

If you struggle to recall phone numbers without the help of your phone, you might feel a pang of jealousy watching the mental feats of Yanjaa Wintersoul.

Yanjaa is an award-winning memory athlete who is currently the highest-ranked female Memory World Champion.

In 2015, she even broke the world record for recalling Names and Faces (15 minutes) by memorizing 187 names at the Hong Kong Open Memory Championships.

She's also had quite the global education having grown up in Stockholm, Mongolia, Tokyo and Kenya.

The 23-year-old has become the face of the new Ikea campaign, tying up with the Swedish furniture giant to memorise its recently released 2018 catalogue. That's 328 pages and 4,818 items.

Dubbed the Human Catalogue, her skill goes beyond just putting the prices to the products.

She has memorised every picture in the catalogue and she can add recall what the models are wearing and other random artefacts scattered around. 

The questions can even be as obscure as "Who in the catalogue needs to go to the eye doctor?" and she'll come up with a few answers.

There's a video where you can see people putting her memory to the test. 

If you aren't convinced, you can test Ms Wintersoul's total recall on the catalogue yourself in a Facebook live event today (Sept 6) from 5pm onwards. 

Participation details are here