Sleep naked for happy marriage - poll

A UK study has suggested a new secret to a happy marriage - sleeping naked with your partner.

Cotton USA polled 1,004 Britons and found that 57 per cent of those who sleep in the nude said they were content with their relationships compared to couples who slept in other nightwear such as pyjamas, nighties or onesies, reported Daily Mail. 

Ms Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, international marketing Manager at Cotton USA, said: 'There are many factors which can affect the success of a relationship."

"But one factor which is often overlooked is the bedroom environment."

"Bedding can feel extremely soft against the skin, encouraging openness and intimacy between couples and ultimately increasing happiness."


Dirty washing on the floor, clutter and unmade beds were among the biggest turn-offs, said The Independent.

Pet peeves also included eating in bed, allowing pets in, blanket-hogging and wearing socks.

So keep the bedroom neat, the nightwear off and be on your way to a happier relationship.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Independent

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