Study finds that men of all ages want women in their mid-20s

If you're female, straight and in your mid-20s, congratulations. 

Men of all ages want to be with you. 

This mindblowing discovery was made by a group of Finnish researchers, published in a study on Friday says, reports Time. 

The study looked at data gathered from 12,000 Finns and found that men of all ages - yes, younger and older - have a sexual preference for women in their mid-20s. 

The authors of the study say this is "likely because women of this age are the most fertile". 

On the other hand, women prefer partners who are about their age or slightly older. Who, well, all want to be with Jennifer Lawrence. Who is 24. And gorgeous. 

But here's something to lift your spirits, women: The report also suggests that men are "more unlikely than women to have sex with their ideal partners", because women are more selective than men. 

Source: Time