Teenage big game hunter's photos causes uproar

Environmentalists and animal lovers are up in arms over a teenage hunter's Facebook posts showcasing her big game kills.

Texan Kendall Jones, 19, claims her photos of dead hippos, elephants, lions and other African animals are a testament to her hunting skills and dedication to game preservation, reported Daily Mail. 

But a petition to get Ms Jones' page banned because it "promotes animal cruelty" has attracted more than 49,000 signatures.

The Texan girl said she went on her first hunting trip with her father when she was nine.

Here are the photos that caused the storm: 

Ms Jones has her hunting adventures professionally video-taped and put on a DVD. 

She has been to safaris in countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa.

"One of the prettiest animals in all of the land!" she said of this kill. 

The Texas Tech University cheerleader hunted her first animal at the age of 13.

Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook