These little piggies ... got vandalised

Spraying graffiti on buildings is one thing, but spraying graffiti on pigs? 

That's exactly what some vandals did when they broke into a Maryland petting zoo this week and painted graffiti on a sow and her piglets, reported Reuters. 

The taggers used blue veterinary antiseptic spray to paint “Hello my pretty” - a classic line from The Wizard of Oz - on a 650-pound, three-year-old mama pig at the Green Meadows Petting Farm in Monrovia, Maryland.

Pigs at a petting farm in Maryland were sprayed with graffiti by vandals this week. A sow was sprayed with the words "Hello my pretty" while her piglets were sprayed with different alphabets.

PHOTO: Green Meadows Petting Farm

Her piglets were tagged with different letters of the alphabet. 

The vandals also sprayed the words "Urbana Rules" on a sign, which suggested that there were from a nearby school. 

The owner of the farm, Ken Keys, told Huffington Post that the spray used is "a safe product to spray on animals" but noted the graffiti was "not very artistic".

The vandals also apparently made off with a tortoise from the farm. 

Sources: Reuters, Huffington Post