Three Rafaelis are too hot to handle

We stumbled upon this advertisement - with the gorgeous Bar Rafaeli - and it was too fun not to share. 

The sexy and hilarious 54-second video features a purple Israeli puppet's fantasies with not one, but three of the svelte blondes.

The puppet, Red Orbach, seemed continually aroused by his interaction with the models, such as being served in bed and playing strip poker.  

The commercial for fashion brand Hoodies was too hot for the Israeli authorities, who have banned it from being shown on primetime television for it had too many sexual insinuations, reported New York Daily News. 

It is not the first time the supermodel has attracted controversy with her videos.

Who can forget her cringe-worthy kiss with a stereotypical nerd in a SuperBowl ad last year? 

Sources: YouTube, New York Daily News

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