Flops find home in Museum of Failure

Once cast aside as a mistake, Colgate Lasagna has at last found fame - as a flop at the Museum of Failure.

The dental care brand's 1980s frozen food foray joins the line-up of epic fails on display in Los Angeles at a roving pop-up at the A+D Museum that has proven an ironic success.

A model of the Titanic, coffee-based Coca-Cola and the flashy but under-powered DeLorean car from the movie Back To The Future all have a special place among the more than 100 flops of innovation that make up the collection, which first opened in Sweden in June before moving to California this month till Feb 4.

The museum aims to prove that failure is indeed an option.

"For technological progress you need a lot of failures along the way," said clinical psychologist Samuel West, who came up with the idea for the museum because he was "tired of the success stories".

Without the all-but-defunct monoski, for instance, the snowboard may never have seen the light of day.


US president Donald Trump also made the show's cut for several failed ventures.

What Dr West calls a "shrine" to the former real estate magnate includes a Monopoly-esque board game named simply Trump: The Game, a bottle of Trump Vodka and a textbook on entrepreneurship from the for-profit Trump University.

Dr West has no sponsors - as "companies do not want to be associated" with failure - but every week he receives packages with donations for his collection.

Today, 40 per cent of the museum's exhibits are donations and 60 per cent are his own finds.

The collection will move to other cities in the US early next year. - AFP