Hot hotels for Instagram

#TravelBrag with a Arabian-style desert resort, an Irish castle and more

In the age of Instagram, hotels are no longer just places to crash in between one's travels.

Research from's Mobile Travel Tracker has shown that one in three Singaporeans would visit a country only if it was great for #TravelBragging on social media.

With this phenomenon, more and more hotels are pulling out all the stops to attract the wanderlust Instagram fiend. has rounded up the most Instagrammable hotels around the world, from eye-catching decor to breathtaking, far-out locations.


In the heart of Dubai's desert sits Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, an Arabian-style fort surrounded by palm trees.

The five-star desert oasis looks like a mystical mirage as it blends in with the landscape with its sand-coloured low walls while reflecting the city's culture through Arabian-style decor for its rooms and interior.

Guests will not have to sweat it out in the challenging sub-tropical climate - the resort delivers all the modern comforts a city slicker needs.

There are plenty of opportunities for an Arabian adventure too, as the hotel offers an array of outdoor activities including camel or Jeep rides along the rolling sand dunes.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa is available from $450 a night.


The Taj Mahal may be one of India's best-known attractions, but for a majestic structure that you can actually reside in, consider the Taj Lake Palace.

Sitting in the middle of a lake, the chateau was the pleasure palace of Maharana Jagat Singh II, who built it in 1746.

Guests can play king or queen as they soak up the restored five-star hotel's grandiose interior while enjoying the stunning views of the neighbouring City Palace, Aravalli Range, Jag Mandir and Machla Magra.

Taj Lake Palace is available from $866 a night.

Hot hotels for Instagram


For an offbeat stay, get cosy in a room carved within a conical fairy chimney that is thousands of years old at the Kelebek Special Cave Hotel in the ancient city of Cappadocia.

If you think these cave rooms will be dingy and dark, think again. Comfort is a guarantee in the Ottoman-styled rooms, which are spacious and exquisitely furnished.

The hotel is perched on top of a hill with unobstructed views of the fairy tale-like honeycombed landscape, and there are plenty of Instagram moments waiting to be captured.

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel is available from $105 a night.


Who knew that run-of-the-mill grain silos could be transformed into homey hotel units?

But that was what SiloStay owner Stuart Wright-Stow envisaged, and the result is an innovative metallic village made up of eight kitted-out cylindrical structures.

Guests are surrounded by nature as the lodging is nestled in the quiet rural town of Little River.

Plus, the hotel was built using sustainable and eco-friendly systems, which is always a good thing.

SiloStay is available from $160 a night.


For those who have always dreamed of being a royal, the Ashford Castle in Ireland might be your closest alternative.

Located in a 141ha estate, the 13th-century castle is the definition of grandeur - picture huge chandeliers, bespoke furnishings and signature antique pieces that add to the castle's regal charm.

Guests can wander the vast castle grounds or engage in a variety of activities including falconry, referred to as the sport of royalty.

Ashford Castle is available from $470 a night.


Deep in the Swedish wilderness sits the Treehotel, an eco-friendly boutique hotel that is anything but your traditional tree house.

There are seven themed cabins suspended 4m to 6m above ground, and each is completely different from the next.

There is the Mirrorcube - literally a giant mirrored cube - which blends in with its green surroundings.

On the other end of the spectrum is a UFO-shaped room that will satisfy any sci-fi buff's fantasy.

Treehotel is available from $797 a night.