Trend alert! Bizarre cavity pose to make your face look smaller

Holding your hand to your cheek and looking like you have cavities is apparently a very attractive pose - that is, if you are in Japan.


The trend started taking off in February, reported Kotaku.



Proof of the popularity of the pose? Even cover girls of magazines in Japan have been doing it.


According to Kotaku, it is called "mushiba no poozu" or "mushiba poozu" which literally translates to "cavity pose". It is also called the "mushiba ga itai poozu" (cavity hurts pose) or "mushiba ni natta poozu" (I got a cavity pose).



And why is it popular? It is supposed to make your face look smaller and cuter.



The pose is also popular with boys.



And since it's Japan, there's even drawings of it popping up online.



Well, if even the duckface selfie can trend, why not toothache poses?







Sources: Mail Online, Kotaku