This vain teen has posted more than 100,000 selfies on Facebook

He has 170,000 Facebook followers and 85,000 on Instagram.

Spray tans and chocolates are his favourites.

Australian Kurt Coleman, 17, is so selfie-obsessed that he’s rearranged his bedroom so that the first thing he sees every morning is himself.

But his hairdresser mother Maureen Coleman has grown to love her son who spends more time behind the camera and mirror than anything else.

Bullying forced him drop out of school, she told Australian magazine New Idea.

She features in some of the 100,000 photos he claims to have posted online, Mail Online reported.

Rise to stardom

Online taunts apart, it has been a steady rise to stardom for the teen who now has a full-time publicist.

His outlandish claims that he is God’s gift to earth and that he is Australia’s answer to Paris Hilton (transposed below in one of his selfies) has helped raised his profile.

Kurt was once asked if his online profile was an invented character or if he really does love himself.

He said: “I do, I love who I am, I don’t think it’s wrong.”

He said his confidence was not hiding any insecurities ... “I do love myself.”
Source: Mail Online, New Idea