Virgin Trains gets toilet roll delivered after man tweets for help from cubicle

A young man was relieving himself on a Virgin Train heading from Euston to Glasgow when he realised...

There was no toilet roll.

Usually the best thing to do in such a predicament is to make a discreet scramble to the next cubicle. 

But not for Adam Greenwood. 

The teen went public with his ordeal, tweeting:

And miraculously received a reply:

Greenwood had to get off the toilet to so he could check the train's carriage number. 

"I saw a guy looking quite worried in a full black suit carrying toilet roll, after the awkward exchange and smiles, I grabbed it off him and finished what I started," said Greenwood.

"Afterwards I just sort of left the loo roll on the side and I presume he went in after the smell cleared and attached it properly to the dispenser!

"I know he's called 'MW' but that's it - I WILL track him down and give him a big hug - and I sincerely hope he got some sort of reward at Virgin Trains HQ."

Kudos, Virgin Trains.

Source: Metro, Mirror Online



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