Waitresses at this US restaurant carry guns

Guns are more than welcome at the Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. In fact, they are encouraged.

All nine waitresses at the restaurant carry firearms, and they know how to use it.

A sign proudly declares that customers are free to pack heat when they come to fill their bellies.

The strange tradition started with the owner, Ms Lauren Boebert. The 27-year-old began carrying a pistol on her hip a month after the restaurant opened last year.

Post Independent reported Ms Boebert as saying: "We encourage it (the carrying of guns), and the customers love that they can come here and express their rights."

And the police have no trouble with the idea of gun-slinging waitresses at a restaurant that doesn't serve alcohol.

Post Independent reported police chief John Dyer as saying: "If it was a bar, I might be saying something different. But I have no problem with it. And besides, they make a really good burger."

Besides offering dishes with quirky names like a Swiss and Wesson grilled cheese or a Guac 19 burger, Shooters Grill also gives handgun safety class for US$75 (S$93), according to Mail Online.

All this may sound surprising to us, but it's apparently quite normal in the town of Rifle.

USA Today reported that the gun-friendly town of 9,200 is hunting country where carrying guns is about as natural as breathing.

"There's no point to be made," said Ms Boebert. "This is our way of life."

And to any would-be robbers, the gutsy owner has this message: the guns are loaded.

"No, they’re real and they’re loaded, and we know what we’re doing. I fear for anyone who tries to rob us," Post Independent reported Ms Boebert as saying.

Sources: Mail Online, Post Independent, USA Today

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