Want a sleepless night with Godzilla stomping around in your bedroom? It's possible at this Japan hotel

Ever wanted to fall sleep with Godzilla wreaking havoc and destroying buildings nearby?

You can soon do so at Hotel Gracery's Godzilla Room in Tokyo.

From the price of 39,800 yen (S$454) a night, you can snooze as a man-size mutant stomps on a miniature Japanese capital in a corner of your room.

A gigantic Godzilla hand, complete with razor-like claws, looms over the twin beds to up the chance of having a dream about the creature.

Those wanting a slightly less full-on experience can opt for a single Godzilla Viewing room, where a narrow window gives out onto a 12m-long lizard head that appears to have poked its way through an adjacent roof.

The special Godzilla rooms will be open for booking in April.

The hotel sits above a cinema complex run by Toho, the movie company behind the original film that spawned a huge monster franchise more than 60 years ago.

Toho plans to release a new Godzilla film in 2016.

Source: AFP