Watch: Blind mother sees her child for the first time

A legally blind mother in Canada recently got the chance to see her newborn child,  thanks to electronic vision-enhancing glasses.

In a YouTube video posted on Jan 21 which has since gone viral, 29-year-old Kathy Beitz was able to see her newborn boy with the aid of a bulky black headset.

“For the first baby that I get to actually look at, being my own is very overwhelming,” Beitz said in the video.

Beitz has genetic macular degeneration known as Stargardt disease.

She was able to see her new son with the aid of eSight glasses that enhance video in real time.

The enhanced images allow people who are not totally blind to see the world around them.

“She gave birth and she instantly wanted to see him,” said Yvonne Felix, Beitz’s sister who posted the video about the moment.

Felix, who has the same disease, is raising money so more people can access the expensive glasses at

Source: AFP, YouTube

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