WATCH: #CowArt - farmer herds his cows to form giant smiley face

The smiley face that you see in the picture is not drawn on paper with a pen.

Rather, it was "drawn" on a grass field with a herd of cows.

Yes, we're talking about the grass-chewing, mooing herbivores.

Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg came up with this way of rounding up the herd - and captured the whole process on video.



He managed the feat by using his feed truck to drop cow feed on a field in the form of a smiley face.

The footage was captured with two cameras, one in the cab of his truck and another from a drone which he was flying right above the field. 

This is not the first time that Klingenberg has made the news because of his cows.

In a video that he uploaded on YouTube last August, you can watch him calling his cows - by playing Lorde's Royals on his trombone.

Find out how well that worked here:



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