WATCH cute time-lapse video of mum unsuccessfully putting twins to bed

Who knew a video of a mother trying to get her twins to sleep would be so entertaining?

We feel for the mother, Henriette Jonassen, because it looks tiring. Every time, one twin goes to bed, the other will pop out of the room.

Given the long summer days in Norway, Henriette had difficulty getting her twins to go to bed.

It was taking more than 30 minutes for the adorable boys to go to sleep.

So she decided to try out her friend's method - making the boys, Leon and Nathaniel, sleep in separate rooms. 

It didn't work. But lucky for us, she filmed it. 

Hurtful comments

Unfortunately, Henriette began receiving more hurtful comments as the video became more popular.

Some accused her of being a bad parent because one room appeared to be bright while others encouraged her to discipline her twins by hitting them.

She responded on her blog: "I live in Norway, and if we hit our kids, we lose them. Thank God for that! I live in a peaceful country with low crime, and I love it here." 

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