WATCH: It's alive! Seagull comes back to life after taking cricket ball smasher

Miracle in Melbourne? 

A seagull has lived to fly another day after surviving a fast-driving cricket ball hit during a Big Bash Twenty20 cricket match between the Melbourne Stars and Perth Scorchers at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The seagull took a big bash - pun intended - after Scorchers cricketer Adam Voges' powerful shot sniped the bird out of the air. 

Presuming the worst, opposing fielder Rob Quiney picked up the bird and laid it to rest outside the playing area.

Miraculously, the seagull survived, astonishing the stadium's 30,000 spectators.

Perth Scorcher's Adam Voges takes a swing only to realise he has hit a seagull.


Melbourne Star's Rob Quiney is convinced the seagull is dead. 

He picks up the 'dead' bird and places it outside the playing field.


Guess who's back from the dead?


The revived seagull swoops down once more - braver than ever - in an attempt to intercept the ball.

"The bird was taken outside into Yarra Park at the change of innings and released into the park when it was clear that the bird's health was okay," MCG Media and Publicity Adviser Sarah Gordon told

Netizens were in awe of the bird.

Source: The Independent, Twitter, YouTube

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