WATCH: Kitten therapy to 'paws' your mid-week stress

Feeling stressed? Try kitten therapy.

A video posted on YouTube last week shows just how effective it can be in batting away stress.

The three-minute clip created by Soul Pancake and Purina Tidy Cats begins with people talking about things that put them under mental or emotional strain.

After doing so, they enter a transparent "therapy room".

They are told to relax, close their eyes and listen to the sound of cats purring.   

A few seconds later, they open their eyes - only to be surprised by the presence of an adorable kitten.


Look who's in the 'house'? Screengrab: YouTube


More and more cuddly felines then stream into the room in a serious case of cuteness overload.

The people in the room begin playing, cuddling and blowing bubbles with the kittens.

What's this? A dose of kitty therapy. YouTube screengrab


"Being around young creatures just reminds you to take it easy," one woman said.

Even passers-by can not resist the allure.

She can't resist the feline allure too. YouTube screengrab

Sources: YouTube, Facebook