WATCH: Start-up develops head-controlled phone for the disabled

An Israeli tech start-up has invented a voice-activated, head-controlled smartphone set, Sesame.

The phone, which is a customised Google Nexus phone, can be controlled by voice commands and head movement, detected by a front facing camera.

“Smartphones bring the world to us. But for people with disabilities, current smartphone technology falls short,” says a statement.

While the technology still needs polishing, the company has managed to raise US$16,000 (S$20,000) out of the US$30,000 target posted on crowd funding site Indiegogo, on which they've asked for help to launch the device.

Developer Ben Dov started working together with Giora Livne, a quadriplegic navy commander.

The both eventually realised that it was most rewarding working with disabled children as they miss out on most popular activities.

One of the youngest test subjects, Ori, became addicted to the popular Angry Birds game which can be played with Sesame.

“At one point he went into my account and tried purchasing more birds. I was like: 'Hey!' It was impossible to take the device away from him,” Ben told Wired.

Though the makers feel like the cost of the phone is worth the improvement in the quality of life, they are still trying to lower the US$900 (S$1,170) price tag.

Source: RT, Wired