Wayne Rooney and Ed Sheeran sing in a pub. And it turns out exactly like you would expect

Don't quit your day job, Wayne Rooney. 

Because if there's one thing this video, which was uploaded on Saturday (Nov 1), taught us is that you weren't born to be a singer.

Your talent lies not on the stage, but on a football field.

Granted it was all in good fun, on a night on the town, but when you are a sports star, everything about you will be judged. Even your singing.

You didn't think a five-year contract worth upwards of £250,000 (S$516,455) a week would be without its downside, did you?



One could say that you were sporting to agree to requests to perform with Ed Sheeran at a pub.

But we would really rather see you at a football match.

Correction, we would really rather see you win at a football match. 

(Yes, we know the Manchester derby fail wasn't your fault. We blame Chris Smalling too​.)

Though if all else fails, you could consider becoming an underwear model like David Beckham, no singing required.

Because unlike you, Becks knows better than to open his mouth when a singer is around.

Yes, we just called Posh Spice a singer. Deal with it.

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