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Golden Carp of Trio Prosperity

Mad About Sucre (27, Teo Hong Road, Tel: 6221-3969) will launch Pop Shop 18 next Tuesday, in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year. This features dishes and desserts that marry French cooking techniques with Asian flavours. One new item is the gorgeous Golden Carp of Trio Prosperity ($148), which contains dark chocolate and hazelnut truffles. Visit www.madaboutsucre.com for more information.


B.Utter Cakes

B.Utter Cakes by Ann may be new but its cookies are bingeworthy. Ann Chong had a career in banking before she turned to baking. The big lesson she took from Le Cordon Bleu was that there is no such thing as too much butter, and hence her cookies are packed with flavours. For Chinese New Year, she offers three cookies (butter, peanut butter and almond) and brownies (all at $17). To order, send an e-mail to hellobcakes@gmail.com


Orh Nee Cake

Fans of yam will like Antoinette's latest for Chinese New Year: Orh Nee Cake ($10 a slice, from $45 a cake). It is made from yam and pumpkin, with yam mousse, gula melaka and pumpkin cremeux with fried shallots. Antoinette is located at Penhas Road and Mandarin Gallery.


Salted Egg Yolk Kueh Lapis

If you like salted egg yolk, the Salted Egg Yolk Kueh Lapis from Ollella (from $24) may be your favourite snack this Chinese New Year. Other more traditional flavours are also available, such as prune rum and Nutella. Order the kueh lapis via ollella.oddle.me

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