Woman stole wine so she could see boyfriend in jail but...

Most people would probably do anything for love.

But purposely trying to land yourself in jail? That's new.

A woman from Texas stole a bottle of $3.99 wine (below) just to get arrested so that she could see her incarcerated boyfriend in jailed.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for her), she was charged with misdemeanour theft and freed on $5,000 bond on Friday.

Police said that Walicke had stolen a bottle of wine from a gas station on Wednesday. They had found her outside of the gas station, drinking the wine.

She then told the cops to arrest her because she wanted to see her boyfriend, who was arrested just hours earlier.

The warrant stated that Walicke said that it was her fault that her boyfriend was arrested and "she wanted to make things right".

Hmm, points for trying?

Source: New York Daily News