Woman's running route is the outline of a penis

Claire Wyckoff doesn't take the typical loop around the park when she runs. Instead, she pounds the pavements tracing the outlines of dogs, pole dancers, and yes, penises.

The fitness buff uses the Nike+ running app to track her routes in San Francisco and puts up photos of her trails.

Here are a few of the copywriter's hilarious running routes.

Her first running drawing: a corgi.

Her sister asked her to "run-draw" her name. She did a stripper instead.

An alien from the Atari game Space Invaders.

This started out as a George Washington "run-draw". It ended up as the head of a Mennonite.

Hello, Slimer, the little green ghost from Ghostbusters.

Well, we all know what this is.

Source: Instagram/clairewyck