Woman's Tinder experiment shows how men respond to make-up

Tinder is that ubiquitous mobile dating app that young people all over the world seem to be fond of.

If you're not familiar with the app, here's how it works.

1. A profile on Tinder looks like this. Users will have to swipe left if you're not interested or swipe right if you are.

2. If two people swipe right for each other, it's a match.

3. And you now have the option to message each other.

Brinton Parker, 21, decided to conduct a beauty-related social experiment on Tinder. She used various make-up levels and examined how the men responded to each make-up level.

The three levels were no make-up, regular make-up, and heavy make-up.

1. No make-up

Results: The messages from men to the no make-up level were friendly and seemed focused on her interests, personality, and everyday experiences.

2. Regular make-up

Results: While there were some nice messages, Brinton noticed that there was an overwhelming shift into telling her how good-looking she was and expressed interest in meeting up right away. Some messages were also extremely crude.


3. Heavy make-up

Results: Just like the regular make-up look, men focused on her looks as well. Except this time, they complimented her style and look but they were surprisingly less aggressive compared to the regular make-up look.

It is definitely an interesting experiment but it's not scientific. Many people also commented online that the settings of the photos play a huge role too. Maybe she can consider conducting a new experiment soon? 

Source: Huffington Post