Is this the world's 'smartest motorcycle helmet'?

This could be what it's like to have an Iron Man suit. Or be the Terminator. 

A company in the US is developing what it calls the "world's smartest motorcycle helmet", with a dizzying array of features to help with situational awareness, safety, connectivity and fit. 

The AR-1 helmet is an augmented reality helmet - yes, it has a display (on its anti-fog, anti-glare face shield) that will show blind spots (there's a rear view camera), information about the weather, and also audio-visual GPS navigation. 

The helmet will also allow users to listen to music (okay, that's not so safe) or answer phone calls, making sure your hands don't ever have to leave the handlebars of your bike. 

Tech specifications for the Skully AR-1 helmet.

PHOTO: Skully Helmets

The helmet will also feature "3-D laser-cut foam for a perfect fit". 

But don't worry - you won't turn into a complete robot on the road. 

Skully Helmets founder and CEO told Popular Mechanics: "We want to honour the motorcycle experience. We don't try to pull you out of the moment and show too much data in the heads up display. We want to effectively enhance that moment."

While it will be only be available to consumers in May 2015, you can 'chope' yours by helping the folks creating it with funding - they've set up an Indiegogo page, and have raised US$899,335 (S$1.13 million) so far. 

All this awesomeness doesn't come cheap, though - prices start at US$1,399 for a basic Skully AR-1. 

Source: Indiegogo, Skully Helmets, CNN, Popular Mechanics