Would you eat rojak ice cream or pizza that tastes like laksa or mee rebus?

How far would you go to eat food that is "truly Singaporean"?

Three students from Serangoon Garden Secondary School came up with rojak ice-cream for a competition that called for "Truly Singapore" creations.

Their entry Rojak Lah came in first place in the annual Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) - Swensen's Ice Cream Competition this morning (Dec 10).

Students were to use unique ingredients and interesting flavours that adheres to the theme.

The students were provided with basic ingredients such as gelatin, sugar, and vanilla essence. 

They then used the following ingredients to create the ice cream.

For the ice cream mixture, they used:

1) Turnip


3) Milk

4) Lime Juice

5) Egg yolk

And everyone knows the sauce is essential to any Rojak dish (including ice cream). Below are the ingredients for the sauce:

1) Tamarind juice

2) Gula Melaka

3) Chilli flakes (with and without seeds)

4) Peel of lime

6) Red ginger plant bud (bunga siantan)

7) Salt

8) Corn flour mixture

And if that's not enough and you're looking for more uniquely Singaporean food, we've got you covered:

1) Swensen's Super Nasi Lemak

​Swensen's unique creation comprises Spicy Coconut ice cream, peanuts and ikan bilis. Let's just say that this is for the ultra-adventurous.

2) Pezzo's Singa Laksa Pizza


The Singa Laksa Pizza, which has crab meat, prawns, squid and of course tau pok (fried beancurd), seems palatable - if you're a HUGE laksa fan.

3. Mee rebus pizza or char siew pizza anyone?

southeast asian pizzas

A local blogger, Shaun Sim, decided to experiment and made pizzas - from scratch - with local flavours.

From left to right: The pizzas were mee rebus, char siew, baingan bharta and beef rendang.

Sim wrote in his blog: "These pizzas had an additional tweak in that they represented all the major ethnic groups in Singapore."

He also went on to create more pizzas inspired by Singaporean dishes.

From top left clockwise: Thosai Aloo Masala, Otak-otak, Lor Mee, Singapore Chilli Crab

Source: The Hexacoto, Pezzo, Swensen's