YouTuber combines 23 music videos to create masterpiece

As an aspiring singer, uploading self-made covers of famous songs onto YouTube is one of the most common ways to get noticed.

Many singers have received record deals or other amazing opportunities by doing just that.

But it doesn't always work out - after all, you have to really stand out so viewers would click on the uploaded footage.

And if you're struggling to get noticed, here's some hope: Just remember the name Ophir Kutiel.

Professionally known on YouTube as Kutiman, he is an Israeli musician, producer, composer and animator who has created many online music video projects.

He even has his own album.

The man has taken it upon himself to string together music from random YouTubers to create what can only be called art.

His most recent compilation pieces together 23 videos showcasing ordinary folks with different talents, such as drums, keyboards, guitars, saxophones, and even two cellos. 

Here's the result.

Sources: Daily Dot, YouTube

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